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Established in 2017, MSM Marketing Private Limited is a group of companies based in Islamabad consisting of MSM Real Estate, MSM Business Consultants and MSM Construction. As the groups’ titles state, MSM businesses in the domains of construction, property and consultancy. This group of companies has sales rights and does sales, purchase, rental and construction majorly in Faisal Town, Faisal Hills, Faial Margalla City, Faisal Residentia, Multi Gardens, Multi Orchards and E-11. MSM has branches in Faisal Hills Taxila, G-11 Islamabad with head office in Faisal Town, Islamabad.
In the short period of time, MSM has emerged to be quite renowned group especially in area of property sales and purchase in the twin cities. MSM has worked successfully and continue to do so with Chairman Faisal Town Sir Ch. Abdul Majeed, a business tycoon and a great investor in different housing projects and business in Pakistan. Working with him alongside, MSM aims to work and grow making the society better and property business boost.
The founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of MSM Marketing is Mr. Malik Shahid Ghaffar. Having more than 20 years of work experience in property dealings in the twin-cities in Pakistan, he has served thousands of people making property industry work better. As CEO, he has proved to be a great leader of his team and whomever he works with. He is a friendly, polite and a true gentle man, a philanthropist who is keen of learning and contributing his part in society whichever noble way possible. Under his leadership, MSM is seen to be rapidly growing with their clients and staff satisfied and happy. Some projects of MSM Marketing are coming soon with a main construction and development project in Faisal Town.

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